Maybe you just started a bricks and mortar business.  You’re gonna need a website.

Maybe you just started a lawn care business.  You’re gonna need a website.

Maybe you want to start making money on the internet.  YOU’RE GONNA NEED A WEBSITE.

Today, more than ever, businesses need websites.  The internet is intertwined in every type of business imaginable.  From restaurants to mom and pop clothing shops, your customers need to know what you are offering, where you are located, and how to get in touch with you.  You’re gonna need a website!

The internet should be high up on your sources of advertisement, and if not the top source, very close to the top.  Your competition is already there, raking in the business, you might as well join them.

There are two directions you can go.  You can allow Bright Site Design to create that website and manage it for you or you can get the best training available and create your own.  I can help you with both!

I can help you with all aspects of website operation from logo creation, to theme choice to website content.

Check out some of the examples of websites here and let me know what you need! Whether its an interactive menu for your restaurant or online merchandise sales, I can help!